A Little About Me.

A brief look into my life

I am Connor Cargill, A Web Developer based in Nottingham, England. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science specialising in Object Oriented Programming and Data Analytics. This page contains a few milestones in my career and life for you to view. Starting at when I first taught myself to write code...

Where It All Started

I built a Java based web browser with my friend, it was a basic text based website viewer which did not really work that well! But it sparked my interest in being able to write essentially a set of instructions which result in a working program.

Getting Noticed

I was asked to build a simple but professional site for a driving school. This was my first experience of designing for somebody else and was a steep learning curve, but one that taught me many valuable lessons dealing with clients requests.

First Paid Website

Getting my Degree

To further my interests in programming to make it into a profession, I decided to go to university to study Computer Science. I came out after 4 years with a First Class Masters Degree.

Certificate of Excellence (Best Performer)

First Job in Industry

I wasn't long out of university before I landed my first role, working for a company doing what I loved, Building programs in PHP. This again, was a steep learning curve, interactive with many programmers and levels of the business including working directly with high profile clients. I gained a lot from this role, but it just wasn't exactly what I was looking for...

Start Career

Going Solo

What I really loved was designing websites. This is what I wanted to get to full time. I decided to go into the freelance world using the contacts I had already developed to build my business.

Taking it Seriously

First Major Client

The first client I signed as a business came pretty quickly, word got around that I was starting for myself and interest was good. Although I had built a fair few sites now, the scale of this project was enormous for one guy, but its going good.

Major Client

Starting a Company

The client list keeps growing making me want to invest properly in a shiny company name and brand. E-worx is born. Focusing on getting the small, local business in your town online. Starting as a small team but growing by the second! Watch this space.

Starting a Company